No longer an agent of the Crown, Luke Macalister doesn’t know who he is outside the clandestine world he spent the better part of a decade in. When he is awarded an earldom for something he didn’t do, he sees only a future of boredom and responsibility as the new Earl of Kenswick, a future he’s desperate to escape.

The daughter of the late Baron Kenswick, Miss Vivian Burke despises everything about the new earl she’s never met. That he turns out to be handsome and charming, and incapable of taking anything seriously, does not elevate him in her opinion. Until he offers her a deal—he will hand over the deed to her childhood home in exchange for a six-month marriage of convenience. To save herself and her mother, she has no choice but to say yes.

Their plans of a boring six months in London are soon derailed as Luke’s life as a spy catches up to him and he’s left with no choice but to trust his new wife.

Armed with only a diary and a signet ring, Luke and Vivian race against treasonous forces to save a life, to save England, and if they’re lucky enough, they just might save each other and find love along the way.

Coming February 4th, 2020!

An Enchanting Madness

Lady Norah Macalister is perfection: beauty, charm, grace, elegance-- all a carefully constructed lie. No one would ever suspect her of anything scandalous, and no one is the wiser when a terrible secret threatens to destroy her.

Major Trevor Hayward has unraveled after a decade at war with Napoleon—or so everyone believes. When his cousin is murdered Trevor finds himself the prime suspect. Placed under house arrest at the home of his oldest friend, Trevor doubts those investigating his cousin’s murder will see past his marred reputation.

Refusing to accept her fate, Norah is determined to punish those who have wronged her. Her plan is ruthless, and she will see it through, even if she must manipulate those around her to avenge the wounds of her past. Norah is the most confounding woman Trevor has ever met, but he cannot deny, try as he might, that his best friend’s little sister is all grown up. When she is the only one who can prove his innocence, Trevor has little choice but to agree to her risky plot to destroy a mutual enemy.

While Trevor and Norah collude and execute Norah’s plan, succumbing to the spark between them brings their secrets to light. Can they play with fire and not be burned? Or will the madness of their scheme be the downfall of them both?

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