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A Suitable Affair

The Macalisters, Book 2

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The Spy's Convenient Bride

The Macalisters, Book 5

No longer an agent of the Crown, Luke Macalister doesn’t know who he is outside the clandestine world he spent the better part of a decade in. When he is awarded an earldom for something he didn’t do, he sees only a future of boredom and responsibility as the new Earl of Kenswick, a future he’s desperate to escape.

The daughter of the late Baron Kenswick, Miss Vivian Burke despises everything about the new earl she’s never met. That he turns out to be handsome and charming, and incapable of taking anything seriously, does not elevate him in her opinion. Until he offers her a deal—he will hand over the deed to her childhood home in exchange for a six-month marriage of convenience. To save herself and her mother, she has no choice but to say yes.

Their plans of a boring six months in London are soon derailed as Luke’s life as a spy catches up to him and he’s left with no choice but to trust his new wife.

Armed with only a diary and a signet ring, Luke and Vivian race against treasonous forces to save a life, to save England, and if they’re lucky enough, they just might save each other and find love along the way.

Erica spy's bride_ebook (1).jpg

The Macalisters Book 6

A Scandalous Adventure

The Macalisters, Book 6

Captain Lord Bennet Macalister has been away at sea for too many years to count. Scratch that, he knows exactly how long he's been gone. He knows exactly how long it has been since he failed to protect his family. His guilt may have driven him away, but his pride has kept him doing the one thing that might help heal his wounds-- going home. 

Gemma Scott needs safe passage across the Atlantic. When her best friend's brother refuses to take her to London, Gemma does the only reasonable thing-- hires on as a sailor aboard his ship. What does it matter if she's caught? Her reputation has been shattered. Her family has been destroyed. Her only hope at keeping her livelihood afloat is to stop her father from selling her family's shipping company to the highest bidder.

Work in Progress, expected release Spring 2021.

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The Macalister Series

Bonded by tragedy, one family searches for their happily ever afters...

What could go wrong?


The Perfect Duchess

The Macalisters, Book 1

After his fiancée elopes with a footman, Andrew Macalister, the brooding Duke of Bradstone, is hesitant to trust any woman ever again. It is only fitting the woman to melt his heart is Lady Clara Masson, the social outcast twin sister of the woman who jilted him!

When Clara’s life is threatened, Andrew does the only thing he can think of to protect her: proposes marriage. Despite having been in love with Andrew since childhood, Clara only agrees to the engagement to buy herself more time to escape her brother’s murderous plans.

What begins as an engagement of convenience quickly turns to a passionate battle of wills between the stubborn duke and his distrusting fiancée.

With fate giving them a second chance at love, Andrew and Clara fight to trust in their love, and each other, before they are torn tragically apart.​


Despite being beautiful and wealthy, Lady Susanna Macalister’s marriage prospects are rather lacking. To avoid a life of spinsterhood, she decides a loveless marriage to the dull and unromantic Lord Riverton is better than none at all. But still, Susanna longs for true, passionate love, the kind she grew up hearing stories about.
Enjoying a quiet walk with her insipid suitor one afternoon, Susanna is nearly trampled by the handsome Earl of Westcott as he rides through Hyde Park. Driven by his own guilt and despair, the earl embraces this chance encounter as an opportunity for vengeance, for Lord Riverton is the very man whom Westcott suspects is responsible for the untimely death of his beloved sister. But is his mission of separating Susanna from Lord Riverton simply a desire to save another unsuspecting lady from his sister’s fate, or something deeper?
As Susanna helps Lord Westcott investigate her future fiance, she realizes she might have found what she was looking for all along. Can the pair keep their budding romance a secret from everyone around them until the investigation is over? Or will the unsuspecting Lord Riverton win Susanna’s hand in marriage before the truth comes out?


An Improper Encounter

The Macalisters, Book 3

Beautiful, wealthy, and widowed, Lady Sarah Hartford is bored with her life. Exhausted by having to mourn a man she despised, Sarah would like nothing more than to escape the dark trappings of widowhood and find her own happiness, away from the expectations of society and her large, prominent family. When stranded at an inn due to a storm, Sarah agrees to a scandalous dare—to seduce a man into her bedchamber for the night.

William Gordon has been summoned to London to attend the deathbed of his estranged father. A bastard in birth, but not in name, William has done everything he can to distance himself from a father who hated him. When a tempting lady offers him a warm bed to ride out the storm at a coaching inn, William obliges, needing a distraction and somewhere dry to sleep for the night.


What begins as a casual flirtation blooms with intensity, but upon the couple’s arrival in London, William mysteriously disappears, showing up on Sarah’s doorstep two months later, a duke with a pregnant duchess in tow. While keeping their romantic history a secret from everyone around them, Sarah and William attempt to separate truth from lies and learn that they only way they can be together is to be apart.

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An Enchanting Madness

The Macalisters, Book 4

Lady Norah Macalister is perfection: beauty, charm, grace, elegance-- all a carefully constructed lie. No one would ever suspect her of anything scandalous, and no one is the wiser when a terrible secret threatens to destroy her.

Major Trevor Hayward has unraveled after a decade at war with Napoleon—or so everyone believes. When his cousin is murdered Trevor finds himself the prime suspect. Placed under house arrest at the home of his oldest friend, Trevor doubts those investigating his cousin’s murder will see past his marred reputation.

Refusing to accept her fate, Norah is determined to punish those who have wronged her. Her plan is ruthless, and she will see it through, even if she must manipulate those around her to avenge the wounds of her past. Norah is the most confounding woman Trevor has ever met, but he cannot deny, try as he might, that his best friend’s little sister is all grown up. When she is the only one who can prove his innocence, Trevor has little choice but to agree to her risky plot to destroy a mutual enemy.

While Trevor and Norah collude and execute Norah’s plan, succumbing to the spark between them brings their secrets to light. Can they play with fire and not be burned? Or will the madness of their scheme be the downfall of them both?

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